12 water lodges on the water’s edge

Twelve water lodges were built at Pean in 2020-2021. Twelve holiday homes that are a little different to most holiday homes available for rent in the Netherlands. Pean-buiten is spaciously laid out and each house is set in some 300 square metres of natural garden. The grounds are in natural surroundings with views across the farmlands or open water. Each plot is different and each house is different. These water lodges are available for rent all year round to anyone who loves the outdoors, has an eye for nature, wants to head out on the water or is looking for peace and quiet. Read more about how this unique project came about.

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Why Pean-buiten?

The combination of an increasing demand for overnight accommodation for small groups and beautiful grounds where houses could be built resulted in this unique project on the Wijde Ee that we call Pean-buiten. Here, we are building twelve water lodges on different spots in an ecologically wonderful area, either directly on water or more into the woods with views of the farmlands.

The water lodges, all named after Frisian birds, are all 70 metres square and have terraces. The interiors vary with more or fewer bedrooms, suitable for 2 to 16 guests. The first guests arrived in the 6-person house de Ljip just after Whitsun 2020, and from Christmas 2020 to the May holidays in 2021, the water lodges will be finished one by one. They are available for rent all year round for a weekend, midweek, week or consecutive weeks.

How Pean-buiten started

This map is clickable. Click to view the water lodges.interactieve plattegrond Pean-buiten

Waterlodge BlaukopkeWaterlodge BlaukopkeWaterlodge TomkeWaterlodge TomkeWaterlodge ReidhintsjeWaterlodge ReidhintsjeWaterlodge ReidsjongerWaterlodge ReidsjongerWaterlodge IisfûgelWaterlodge IisfûgelWaterlodge BlaupoatsjeWaterlodge BlaupoatsjeWaterlodge Reade WikelWaterlodge Reade WikelWaterlodge SweltsjeWaterlodge SweltsjeWaterlodge SkriesWaterlodge SkriesWaterlodge LjipWaterlodge LjipWaterlodge GoudûleWaterlodge GoudûleWaterlodge LjurkWaterlodge Ljurk

Things to do in the area

The unique location on open water means a trip out in a boat is an obvious choice. Take out a valk, electric motorboat or fishing dinghy. And if you can’t sail yourself, why not go with a sailing grandpa? If you’re the sporty type and have some sailing experience, you could rent a Laser Pico or, for young children, an optimist boat. The narrow, shallow waterways are perfect for kayaking or paddleboarding. Pean-buiten has a communal pier and the water lodges situated on the water’s edge have their own private piers.

On land, there are a number of nature reserves in the immediate surroundings. Cycle or walk to your heart’s content. Pean-buiten has routes available for you. Friesland also has a lot to offer on a cultural front with its 11 cities and, close at hand, the village of Akkrum where you can easily spend a day out.

Activities and trips

Who’s behind Pean-buiten?

There’s an enthusiastic team working at Pean-buiten.

When you stay in a water lodge at Pean-buiten, you’re bound to bump into the owners who thought up this unique plan, namely Natasja van den Bos, Christophe Meijer and Rienk de Jonge. It’s also likely that you’ll see the other staff too, especially on a weekday. Whether it’s someone from reception, the cleaning team or boat rental, we’ll all try to make your stay in the water lodge as pleasant as possible. We’re there for you if you have any questions – or any suggestions!

To read more about how the Pean-buiten philosophy was interpreted by the architect and interior designer of the houses, read our extensive interviews with them in Dutch.

Why Pean-buiten?

Ideal location for water sports

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

Peace and quiet

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

The ultimate experience in nature

We love that nature can ‘go her own way’ a little