We work with partners to help make your stay Pean-buiten sustainable.

When you stay in one of our water lodges, you’ll get a box with various sustainable products. Each week, we highlight one of our partners and tell you why we like working with them so much.

Packaging-free groceries from Pieter Pot

Pieter Pot believes the mountain of rubbish on our planet is already big enough and want to show that it is possible do your grocery shopping without buying the packaging. The products you buy through them are delivered to your home in re-usable pots. They buy in food in large, smart quantities and fill these glass pots with the products you order. They use the pots at least 40 times because each time you order something, you pay a small deposit. And when you order from them again, you get the deposit back!

Using these pots at Pean means we can help you, our guests, see a way to help reduce plastic soup. If you’re looking for herbs to flavour your meals while you’re staying at Pean or you’re looking for the tea, or you see the biscuits in our office: they’re all in pots from Pieter Pot!

Find out more about Pieter Pot here >

Soap factory Suver

The ladies at Suver come from Fryslân and have long been interested in treating the earth and everything that lives and grows on it responsibly. In their search for natural beauty products they stumbled across homemade soap. They both loved the idea and started making soap based on vegetable oil and natural ingredients – and without any synthetic additives that could harm your body or the environment.

During a trip sponsored by the organisation Compassion, the ladies went to the Philippines. They were amazed by the hard conditions so many people there have to live in and they realised that they, with their prosperity, could do something for people that have far less.

They want to help others benefit from the sale of their soaps so a part of their profits is donated to charity. You can read about the charities they support here.

They are taking a step towards meaningful entrepreneurship. And that is what we want at Pean-buiten too!

To find out more about the soaps or to order them, click here!



According to Wakuli it’s ‘time to shake things up’, time to change the coffee industry.

They set up long-term partnerships with coffee farmers across the globe so as to:

  • Work towards a better livelihood for the farmer
  • Invest in better quality
  • Maintain the ecosystems (make coffee future-proof)

Wakuli also sells coffee in compostable pods, The pods are made from residual products from the sugar beet and cane industry and made airtight through a special process. They have to be used within six months for the best coffee flavour. Hummels himself doesn’t really see the added value of pods: “grinding your own coffee beans to use creates far less waste.”

Pods may be less beneficial for the taste, the wallet and the environment, but it means we can appeal to another target group that currently drink the big brands in the business.

The more people who drink Wakuli, the more impact we have together! Join the coffee revolution and help the fight for trade transparency, a better price for the coffee farmer and sustainability in the coffee industry. Muy importante if you ask them!

If you’d like to find out more about the different Wakuli products, click here!



The good roll

Wipe your buttocks with peace of mind at Pean-buiten!

The Good Roll pursues two missions. Firstly, 100% recycled paper is used to produce their toilet rolls. One hundred percent post-consumer paper, as it is nicely called. For example old books. Unlike regular toilet paper, which requires up to 270,000 trees to be cut down every day! So for The Good Roll, the trees remain in the ground to ensure our clean air.

In addition to clean air, The Good Roll provides clean and safe toilets for people who need that heart. According to them, there are 2.3 billion people worldwide who do not have access to a safe and clean toilet. The founders of The Good Roll could not bear this anymore and now invest 50% of their profits in building good toilets in East Africa. They do this in collaboration with the Simavi Foundation.

In short, The Good Roll is, in our opinion, the nicest, nicest and happiest toilet paper. Recommended! If you also want these fun roles at home, click here!

Our own chickies

These fun and friendly partners provide fresh eggs during your stay at Pean-buiten.