From plan to construction

The water lodges at Pean-buiten are not located ‘just anywhere’ and they are certainly no ordinary houses. The founders of the idea are the Pean owners, Christophe Meijer, Natasja van den Bos and Rienk de Jonge. Landscape architect Reinout Lindemans sketched out the rough plan, and the architect of the four unconventional house designs is Erik de Boer. Interior designer Jane Lam made a visual representation of the interiors so that we had a clear picture of what they would look like.

Team Pean-buiten

The creators and managers of the water lodges are the owners of Pean. Christophe oversees the construction of the site, the utilities and general building matters. Natasja is very much responsible for the furnishings and finishings: the colour scheme, materials, furniture, kitchen facilities, etc. Rienk is mainly responsible for the marketing and rental of the water lodges.

Communication and reservations are also carried out by Jildert Holtrop and Yvonne Hofmeester. Hans Bos does the finishing work to the interiors as well as general maintenance and boat hire, and, finally, Pean-buiten could of course not function without a good team of cleaners and gardeners.


Erik de Boer, the architect who designed the four water lodges, continually seeks to blend art and practicality in his designs. A practical house and a beautiful design can go hand in hand, and this is true also for Pean-buiten. Erik de Boers is inspired by deviating from what is naturally plumb and logical. He likes to sometimes give a building “a little push” so as to move away from the beaten track; to show that things can be done differently.

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Interior designer

The starting point for the interiors of the various water lodges was, for designer Jane Lam, the combination and the balance of beauty and usability. “This is what creates experience when an interior is put to use. The experience is what you see, how it sounds, how you move around it, and the emotions it arouses. It is particularly how the interior is experienced that I think is relevant in the design.” And that is exactly what the people at Pean-buiten aim for. Guests should feel a sense of freedom, space and peace in a water lodge – and that should be reinforced by good interior design.

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