Family weekends or weekends with friends for up to 16 people

This accommodation is suitable for all age ranges and is popular all year-round with sports clubs, groups of friends, small school groups and families.

Accommodation for groups at Pean-buiten

At Pean-buiten you can spend time together completely undisturbed. The Goudûle provides a place during the day for meetings or workshops for 14-16 people. If you’d like to stay longer than a day, then the neighbouring water lodges, Ljip or Skries, each accommodate up to 6 people overnight. For those who’d rather not cater for a whole group, why not let our kitchen treat you to one of its delicious meals.

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Group accommodation at Pean: the Berch

One of the houses that accommodates groups is the ‘Berch’. Located where the haystack used to be (hence the name, from heaberch/haystack), the house has a cosy lounge area, a conservatory and 11 bedrooms, so accommodates groups of up to 50. In colder months, the house is suitable for groups of up to 40 people as the conservatory is not heated.

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