A special place to come together

At Pean-buiten you can spend time together completely undisturbed. The Goudûle provides a place during the day for meetings or workshops for 14-16 people. If you’d like to stay longer than a day, then the neighbouring water lodges, Ljip or Skries, each accommodate up to 6 people overnight. For those who’d rather not cater for a whole group, why not let our kitchen treat you to one of its delicious meals.

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Outings with your business or organisation

Why not come to Pean-buiten? Not only do we have a fantastic range of leisure activities but also a choice of houses to stay in. Five of our lodges are right on the water’s edge; the others are more in the woods. All of them are stylish furnished and suitable for groups of 4 to 6 people. Opt for one of the eleven other lodges at Pean-buiten.

Larger group?
If you’d like to get together with a group of more than 16 people, then why not reserve the larger locations, the Berch (for up to 25 people) and Jister (for up to 50 people), at Pean? Contact us to ask about availability.

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Taking a turn

After concentrated or emotional work, it is, of course, wonderful to be able to get some fresh air. In Frisian we say ‘’Efkes in slach om’, ‘just taking a turn’. A short work round Pean-buiten, a trip out onto the water, or maybe a quick bike ride. You can make the necessary reservations with Pean. Why not do something else for a few hours?

Breathing the fresh air

If you’re staying for a while, you might like to do something completely different for a morning, afternoon or whole day. If the weather’s nice, you could rent a sailing boat or motorboat. Add a treasure hunt to your trip out on the water and you’ve instantly got more action and involvement.

Even if the weather isn’t so good, we can still arrange activities for you. If it’s a harsh winter, you can ice-skate right from the jetties at Pean-Buiten. Otherwise, why not head off to the skating rinks in Leeuwarden or Heerenveen? Or how about a more culturally inclined afternoon visiting one of the eleven Frisian cities or one of the many museums.