Together or on your own

The Laser-Pico is the perfect boat to sail on your own or with the two of you. Suitable for children from aged 10 to sail in together or, from the age of 12, on their own. The Pico can be used with or without a jib and is also fun for parents to sail in with their children. Care is needed, however, as it is a dinghy with a centreboard, so it can capsize – though it’s also easy to set right again. On a hot day, capsizing can even offer welcome refreshment!

Rent a Laser-Pico during your stay. Pean also has motorboats available for rent that can be used as instruction boats.

You can watch the picos sailing across the water from the lodges on the west side of Pean. The communal landing stage offers excellent views for the lodges on the east side.