The Optimist – perfect for children aged 7 and over

Probably the best-known sailing boat for children, you can sail an optimist from the age of 7 and there are competitions for the under 15s. It’s easy to rent an optimist from Pean during your stay.

The perfect boat to learn to sail in

Our location on wide open water but away from commercial shipping channels, means that children can easily and safely get out onto the water themselves once they have some sailing experience. We’re right on the piste, so to speak. You can watch the children as they sail from the waterside lodges or from the communal landing stage.

If you’d like to accompany your child yourself, why not rent a motorboat from Pean?

We also give sailing lessons. Check out our sailing camps on or ask us about the possibilities for private lessons.

Eigenzinnige huisjes

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Ideal location for water sports

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The ultimate experience in nature

We love that nature can ‘go her own way’ a little