Would you like to go sailing but don’t feel you can sail by yourself?

Rent one of our ‘valk’ sailing boats and Pean-buiten will be happy to arrange a skipper for you. With this being an area with so much water, there are plenty of skippers around who like to take our guests out on to the water. They can teach you how to really sail, or, if you’d prefer, you can leave the sailing to them and just listen to their stories about the area. Each of our skippers is a Jack of all trades. Why not contact us to find out what we can arrange or reserve a day’s sailing straight away when you book your water lodge.

Informeer naar de mogelijkheden

Sail a valk

Arrange to have a skipper with you so you can relax on the water. Pack a lunch box and enjoy a picnic on one of the Marrekrite moorings or meet up at a waterside restaurant. Book your sailing boat with skipper when you book your water lodge – it might be harder to find a skipper available if you leave it till the last minute.

Eigenzinnige huisjes

12 huisjes aan het water – anders dan anders op een unieke plek

Ideal location for water sports

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The ultimate experience in nature

We love that nature can ‘go her own way’ a little