What are the arrival and departure times?

Standard arrival is Monday or Friday between 3pm and 5 pm. If you expect to arrive later, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for your welcome and key collection. Departure is 10am on Monday or Friday; the accommodation can then be cleaned ready for the next guests. If you would like to go sailing on the day you leave, you can leave your luggage in your car or, in consultation with Pean-buiten, elsewhere on the grounds. The house is inaccessible after 10am.

Can I drive up to the door of the house?

Generally, no. There are limited possibilities during the building period (up until April 2021) but not after that. Cars are parked on a separate car park. There is a cart available to help you take your luggage to the house if necessary.

What if I have any questions during my stay at Pean-buiten?

There’s an information folder in the water lodge with details of the house, the grounds, boat rental and the surroundings. If you need to speak to someone, you can visit reception which is open between 9am and 6pm daily. If the reception is unattended, please call the number given at the desk.

Can I arrange a skipper when renting a valk sailing boat?

Yes, definitely! There is of course an extra charge depending on the number of days or half days you want the skipper to sail with you. You can sail with a maximum of 3 people (+ the skipper) in a valk. Please book before you arrive.

Can I moor the boat to the Pean-buiten pier?

If you have rented the boat for a number of consecutive days, then this is fine. Otherwise, you need to return the boat to Pean sailing school and boat rental. If you are in the Tomke, Blaukopke, Iisfûgel, Reidsjonger or Reidhintjse water lodge, you can use ‘your own’ pier.