Big or small

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Those with young children, those with teenagers, those with more than 6 members. So why not opt for more than one house either next to each other or maybe even one house on the water and the other not. Pean-buiten has a place for every type of family.

With young children

If you and your family are coming to Pean-buiten, then our 4-6 person lodges are the most suitable. Spacious and with enough bedrooms for if bedtimes vary widely or for if brothers and sisters want their own rooms.

The ideal location is the Blaupoatsje water lodge, close to the play area. Skries is also a great option next to the shallow pond in the park that’s great for playing around. Your third option is the Ljip, further away from water and with a clear view of the cows in the fields.

Water lodges on the water’s edge

If you’re coming here with your family and want to use the water sports facilities then the 4-6 person lodges Blaukopke, Tomke and Reidhintsje are the most suited. Enjoy fishing or swimming from the pier, tie up a kayak or bring your own boat. You can also rent a sailing boat or motorboat bij Pean. You’re holiday simply can’t go wrong!

Why Pean-buiten?

Ideal location for water sports

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

Peace and quiet

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

The ultimate experience in nature

We love that nature can ‘go her own way’ a little