Choose lodges in a cluster or in a row

For us, families can mean grandparents with their children and grandchildren or a group of two or more befriended families. They could rent a cluster of houses, close enough to each other to be cosy and yet with everyone having their own space. Handy that the children can wander easily from one lodge to the next, play on the water together or play around the play area and pond.

A cluster of houses

For groups made of multiple households or families, we offer a cluster of water lodges Goudûle, Skries and Ljip. The ‘mother lodge’ Goudûle easily seats 16 for dinner and relaxing. Goudûle has one large bedroom with en suite bathroom. Grandpa and Grandma often enjoy having everyone together or like having the children and grandchildren drop by but don’t want to have everyone sleeping in the same house. The other two lodges are for up to 6 people, so that’s where the children and their brood can withdraw to.

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Waterlodge BlaukopkeWaterlodge BlaukopkeWaterlodge TomkeWaterlodge TomkeWaterlodge ReidhintsjeWaterlodge ReidhintsjeWaterlodge ReidsjongerWaterlodge ReidsjongerWaterlodge IisfûgelWaterlodge IisfûgelWaterlodge BlaupoatsjeWaterlodge BlaupoatsjeWaterlodge Reade WikelWaterlodge Reade WikelWaterlodge SweltsjeWaterlodge SweltsjeWaterlodge SkriesWaterlodge SkriesWaterlodge LjipWaterlodge LjipWaterlodge GoudûleWaterlodge GoudûleWaterlodge LjurkWaterlodge Ljurk

Or a row along the water’s edge or next to the play area

Of course, a family group could also stay in a row of lodges along the water’s edge, such as Blaukopke, Tomke and Reidhintsje. Or maybe rent Blaupoatsje that’s not only close to the play area but also close to the other lodges on the water. Perfect for families with small children.

Why Pean-buiten?

Ideal location for water sports

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

Peace and quiet

For a real experience of water sports, go to Pean-buiten

The ultimate experience in nature

We love that nature can ‘go her own way’ a little