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Water lodge Goudûle (2 of 16 pers)

16 personen 1 slaapkamer(s) 2 bed(den) 1 badkamer(s)

Water lodge Goudûle is a very special holiday home at Pean-buiten. Suitable as the base for large family groups or meetings, it can also be used as a quiet temporary workplace with plenty of space. The house has 1 bedroom with en suite bathroom and the rest of the house can be used as living area. Of course, it can also be set up for a stay for 2 people with plenty of living space. Goudûle means barn owl in Frisian. This slightly unusual house has been named after an imposing and wise bird.

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You really feel you have got away from it all in this house, not just on the terrace but also in the house itself. That’s because of all the windows, the great views and because it’s right on the water’s edge. It’s fully equipped so as to make your stay as pleasant as possible, and on chilly evenings, you can snuggle up around the wood burner. Particularly suited as ‘base’ for family groups or for a small company or group of friends. If there are more than 6 of you, you can rent one or more of the neighbouring houses and use Goudûle during the day. The kitchen is extra-large so perfect for cookery workshops or cooking up delicious meals, but it’s also great for a couple looking for a quiet retreat for a few days or a place to work. There’s more than enough room to spread things out and not have to keep tidying them away.


Wood burner
Terrace at the water side
Box spring beds (2.10 m long)
Bathroom towels
Kitchen towels
Microwave oven
Ceramic hob
Boat hire (with sailing lessons)
Charge point for electric car
Canoe and SUP hire
Cleaning products


The living area is the centrepiece in this lodge. The open layout with the kitchen and it’s large seating area and long table means the one who is cooking isn’t separated from the others. The seating area is in a fixed u-shape and the dining table can be laid out for 6 to 16 people. The wood burner keeps you warm on late evenings and in the winter. Naturally, the lodge is well insulated and there is additional heating for on cold days.

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Where is it located?

The Goudûle is on the east side of Pean-buiten and has two terraces so that you can enjoy the sun until late in the evening looking directly out over the pond with its gorgeous borders.

You’ll hardly notice the other guests at Pean-buiten when you are in the Goudûle. If you are in a bigger group and have rented the water lodges Ljip and/or Skries, then you can slip through the trees to your colleagues of family as if you have your own little cluster of homes at Pean-buiten.

What does it look like inside?

In addition to the large living area, there is a double room, with a double bed and a spacious bedroom with shower. The bed is a twin bed box spring 2.10 m long and 1.80 wide. All beds are fitted with single duvets, pillows with protective covers and flannel bed sheet. Bed linen is available for rent from Pean-buiten, but you can also bring your own. 

The bathroom has a shower, double sink unit and toilet. There is a second toilet in the hallway so that those sleeping in the Goudûle have their own private toilet. The group can use the toilet in the hallway.

What does it look like on the outside?

There are multiple outdoor lounge seats and tables so you have a choice of seating. Outside lighting makes it cosy on the terrace well into the evening.

Surrounding area

Pean-buiten is on the Wijde Ee, an open lake that is part of one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Friesland. From the lake, you can sail north-east (without going under any bridges) to Grou or to the Alde Feanen national park and the villages of Eernewoude and the Veenhoop. Sail south-west and you get to Akkrum, Terherne and on to the Sneek lake.

You can enjoy this beautiful area by canoe, SUP, skiff, motorboat or sailboat. The diversity means the waters are suited to every level of water sports enthusiast, from beginner to skilled. In addition, there are various cycling and walking routes in the area. The combination of farmland and water are typical of the Frisian landscape. The hospitality and cultural amenities are excellent in the various surrounding villages such as Akkrum, Grou, the Veenhoop and Aldeboarn. Suggestions for tips out can be found in our [activities] section.

Akkrum (5 km) can be reached by car or bike over a winding country road. You may have to wait occasionally as the cows are brought in for milking at our neighbour’s farm. In Akkrum, there’s a supermarket, butcher, baker, chemist, cheese shop, book shop and a few lovely restaurants. Boats are available for rent from us, and in just 15 minutes you can sail to Grou with the best ice-cream parlour in the area, various restaurants and a proper ‘shopping mooring’. Pean has [sailing routes] available for you to try out with the electric skiff or a ‘valk’ sailing boat. You can simply rent a boat along with the holiday home.

Akkrum has a train station, and if you come by train, we can pick you up if necessary.

[Find out more here about the area surrounding Pean-buiten]

A multifunctional holiday home. Suitable as the base for large family groups, meetings or workspace. Check out this house.