Hello! It’s lovely to have you come and play outside with us at Pean-buiten. Do help us look after each other and the environment at Pean-buiten. That way we can keep things nice and everyone gets to enjoy it.

It’s good to know that when you’re outside:

  • we don’t want to hear any radios or other music player
  • it’s silent after 11pm
  • you should respect other guests’ privacy
  • the Pean-buiten landing stage is for shared use. There’s a picnic table and a bench where you can have a quiet drink or take a dip in the lake
  • you can play ball sports on the sports field next to the Jister
  • you mustn’t go into the farmer’s fields. It would mean you would probably spoil the grass. And don’t let dogs poo in the fields: it makes the cows sick

Pean Sailing School is next to Pean-buiten

During the May, summer and autumn school holidays, our sailing school has a set daily programme. It looks rather like this:
• 9.00-9.30 am Sailors depart
• 12noon-1.30 pm Back for lunch
• 4.30-5.00 pm Arrive back at Pean
• 7.30-8:30 pm Evening game for younger camp
• 8.00-9.00 pm Evening game for 12+ camp
A camp show is held on the Friday evening (in the sailing camp buildings) which means you may hear music for a little longer that evening.
The evening games are usually on the sports fields. We ask Pean-buiten guests to not use the sports fields during the school holidays.


Dogs are welcome in nearly all our lodges. We keep three of our water lodges (Blaukopke, Iisfûgel and Sweltsje) pet free. In the other lodges, pets are allowed in the living areas but not in the bedrooms or bathrooms or on the sofas. Please keep dogs on a lead outside and, of course, clear up any dog poo so that everyone can continue to enjoy our beautiful park.


So that you know exactly what you do and don’t need to bring with you, you can check the lodge’s inventory here. Basically, the lodge has everything you need for a short stay, except food. Although, if you like, we can of course also fill the fridge for you before you arrive!
Please only use the glassware and crockery in the lodge and on the lodge’s terrace and don’t take it to the sports fields or to the shared Pean landing stage on the water’s edge.


All the beds in the lodge have single duvets and a pillow. The matrasses and duvets are 210cm long (XL!). We make sure the sheets are clean and the beds made up before you arrive, and we make up enough beds for the number of people you have booked for. If more beds need to be made up, please let us know at least a week in advance.
You can bring your own linen or opt for a little more luxury and let us provide the linen and make up the beds before you arrive. The service costs €15 per person. Simply let us know at least 2 weeks in advance.

High chair/Cot

There’s a cot in each lodge (without linen). We also have 3 high chairs, so if you want us to put one in your lodge, let us know.

The hob

NEVER use abrasives or a scouring sponge on the hob. A soft cloth is enough with a spray of the special hob cleaning liquid in the spray bottle provided.

Smoke and fire

Smoking is not allowed in the lodges. If you light up a cigarette outside, then please put the tab in the bin. The lodges all have wood burners and please read the instructions well before use so that it burns properly. There is no space for a campfire near the lodges but you can ask us about using the campfire near our group accommodation (not on the terraces).


Only use clean, dry wood in the wood burner. There’s a crate of wood inside the lodge next to the burner. If you would like more wood, you can take as much as you need from our woodpile store for just 20 euro. Never leave the wood burner burning if you are not in the lodge yourself. And turn the electric heating down if you’re not there!


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There are 3 BBQs available at Pean buiten. There are free to use but cannot be reserved. We assume you will return the BBQs clean and arrange use with each other as guests to the park.

Rubbish – where can you take it?

We separate waste in as far as is possible. Behind the large building, the Jister, we have various bins for:
• glass (separate white, green and brown glass)
• paper (blue bin with PAPIER written on it). Please flatten boxes first!
• General waste in the blue bins. You can also put cooled ash and used charcoal from the barbecue in this bin
• Organic waste goes in the small organic waste bin with the green lid

Before you leave

Please leave the lodge in the same state you found it. So:
• Vacuum or sweep all the floors
• Put the furniture back how it was
• Empty the dishwasher and tidy away any dishes from the kitchen surface
• Empty the bins
• Empty the fridge
• Strip the beds if you rented bed linen: leave the sheets on the floor of the bedroom. You can leave the mattrass covers and protective pillow cases on.
• Leave used towels in the bathroom
• Put the outside cushions inside the lodge
• If you’ve used a barbecue, please clean it and put the cool ash/used charcoal in the general waste bin
• Close the windows
• Turn lights and the heating off