Tomorrow, you’ll be checking-in to one of our water lodges!

You will be able to check in in your lodge at 15.00. Our heaters are linked to your arrival time so if you let us know what time you expect to arrive, we’ll make sure the heating is turned on in time. Not too early and not too late, so it saves energy. It’s set for 3pm as standard so if you arrive around that time, it’ll automatically be working.

You can check yourself in thanks to our smart key safes. You can find the key of the house in the key safe that can be found on your lodge. The code to this safe can be found in your guest portal under the subtab door code. Key in the code and then press the lock in the middle. The safe will unlock and you can then pull it open.

Of course, it’s no problem that you check yourself in but we’d really like to meet you too. There’s usually someone around at the information desk until 5.15pm. Or you can come and see us the next morning: we’re at the information desk from 9am. We’d be happy to give you some tips for during your stay with us or answer any questions you might have about the lodge.

During the summer holidays, we put fresh buns and croissants at the information desk. From 8:30, the village baker will bring a fresh pile of goodies here! You cannot place your order in advance. First come, first served. ‘Lekker ite.’

If you need any extra bed linen, then let us know. We’ll do our best to make the extra beds up for you, but if we can’t, you can help yourself to a bed linen package in the lodge.

You can access the free Wi-Fi at Pean-buiten using the password pean2021.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch by replying to this email or calling +31 (0)566 631 392.

Have a safe journey and see you soon!